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Exchequer Training Resources

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In the event of any conflict between the information provided here and information in current Society or Kingdom law/policy, that law/policy takes precedence.

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Form NameRevision DateDescription
Exchequer 101 (PDF) November 2022 Exchequer class - slides for warranting class
Exchequer Handbook 2018 Exchequer Handbook
Regional Exchequer Handbook (WORD) 2022 Job description for Regional Exchequers
Kingdom Exchequer Handbook (WORD) 2023 Job description for Regional Exchequers
Exchequer information for Seneschals (PDF) 2021 Information for Seneschals Adobe PDF
Exchequer Report Tips (PDF) September 2021
Exchequer Report Completion Guide (PDF) 2022 Please contact Fedor Turovsyn (fedor.turovsyn at gmail.com) with questions or comments, or if you find errors.
Balance a Checkbook (PDF) 2018
A Functional Ledger (PDF) 2020
How to save and sign pdf (PDF) 2018
Signing PDF on a Mac (PDF) 2019 You can sign a pdf on a Mac too!
Troll Training (PDF) December 2019 Troll Training Adobe PDF presentation - for a head troll
Troll Staff Training (PDF) December 2019 Troll Staff Training Adobe PDF presentation - for troll staff
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