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Kingdom Exchequer Roster

Please do not call any of the following individuals after 10 pm Eastern Time unless otherwise noted in their contact information.

Note: The date next to your name is the final month on your warrant. If you see (xx/xx) either the data isn't on file or your warrant is no longer valid.  To maintain your warrant, you must renew by sending in a new "Request for Warrant" to the Kingdom Exchequer for yourself or the new officer before your warrant expires.

Kingdom Staff

See the Kingdom Staff page.

Office Exchequers

Exchequer: College of Heralds: Ceridwen of Taylorwood (08/17) Judy Thomas
                    PO. Box 593 Pfafftown, NC 27040, (860) 930-7230

Branch Exchequers


Southern Regional (SC,GA) (01/18)
Mistress Alisoun MacCoul of Elphane
Email: depexchscga AT atlantia.sca.org
Border Vale Keep, Shire of: Baron Olafr Starkadsson (11/17) Anton D. Berg


MD Regional (10/18)
THL Jdeke von Kolberg
Email: depexchmd AT atlantia.sca.org
Bright Hills, Barony of: Bernie (04/16) Michelle "Bernie" England
Dun Carraig, Barony of: Karl von Konigsberg (08/16) Charles P. Sprouse
Green Lion Bay, Canton of: Richard Andrew Wessel (08/16)
Highland Foorde, Barony of: Jeanette de la Mer (09/18)
Lochmere, Barony of: Segehart Leutmericz (10/16) Scott A. Glover
Roxbury Mill, Shire of: Gwenhwyvar Ywein (05/17) Jennifer Christensen
Spiaggia Levantina, Shire of: Rosalie of Rosethorne Castle (08/16)
Storvik, Barony of: Lord Douglas Wallace Morton (09/17) Steven Graf

North Carolina - East

Eastern NC Regional (05/18)
Lady Zafira bint Miriam (Susan French Morrow)
Phone: 704-964-8484 (9 PM)
Email: depexchenc AT atlantia.sca.org
Cathanar, Shire of: Inactive
Raven's Cove, Barony of: Nadya Faeva (02/17) Penny Bradshaw
Seareach, Shire of: Isabella Dolce Panettieri Bianchi della Luna (04/16) Cynthia Boulay
Windmasters' Hill, Barony of: Dyrfinna Freyvidardottir(10/16)
Attillium, Canton of: Katie of Attilium (05/17)
Buckston-on-Eno, Canton of: Dunstan le Heryngmongere (10/16) Keith Nealson
Elvegast, Canton of: Manus MacDhai (04/18) Philip Scott Dean
Kappellenberg, Canton of: Giovan Donado (12/16) Tom Hudson
Nimenefeld, Canton of: Larissa Mikhailovna (12/17) Larissa Jones

North Carolina - West

Western NC Regional (10/17)
THL Adaira inghean Makyswell
Email: depexchwnc AT atlantia.sca.org
Hawkwood, Barony of: Wilhelm Von Brandenburg (11/17) Barry Wayne Branch
Sacred Stone, Barony of: Jdeke von Kolberg (04/18) Robin A.Leguillow
Aire Faucon, Canton of: Elizabeth Sabine of Northumberland (08/17) Sarah Mills
Charlesbury Crossing, Canton of: Zafira bint Miriam (01/17) Susan French Morrow
Crois Brigte, Canton of: Ceridwen of Taylorwood (08/17) Judy Thomas
Middlegate, Canton of: Hiroaki Akiyama (08/17) Cat Brian Prescott
Salesberie Glen, Canton of: Fedor Turovsyn (03/18) Theodore Sikorski

South Carolina

Southern Regional (SC,GA) (01/18)
Mistress Alisoun MacCoul of Elphane
Email: depexchscga AT atlantia.sca.org
Hidden Mountain, Barony of: Vikto Ormstunga (03/18) Joe Venters
Misty Marsh by the Sea, Canton of: Cecilia Blythe (05/18) Krystal J. Smith
Moorhaven, Canton of: Lizabet Walkere (09/17) Kay Elizabeth Morse
Tear-Sea's Shore, Canton of: Mistress Aodh Adendra Marland (05/18)
Nottinghill Coill, Barony of: Lady Janna of Falcon Cree (02/17) Janna Shelby
Brockore Abbey, Canton of: Draco of Brockore (05/18) Daren Brown
Cyddlian Downs, Canton of: Elphin ap Daffyd (04/16) David Slice
Falcon Cree, Canton of: Elizabeth Canynges the Ravenhaired (07/17) Elizabeth Cate
Ritterwald, Canton of: Dreux D'Anjou (12/17) Michael Jerome Edwards Jr
St. Georges, Canton of: Dearbhail Ohaloran (08/17) Darla K Parido


VA Regional (04/18)
Lady Fjorleif in Rauda (Debbie deTreville)
10509 Delray Rd, Glen Allen, VA 23060
Email: depexchva AT atlantia.sca.org
Black Diamond, Barony of: Zarra de la Vega (08/16) Elizabeth Beazley
Seven Hills, (Incipient) Canton of: Zarra de la Vega (08/16) Elizabeth Beazley
Caer Mear, Barony of: Drynnith (12/17) Jenny Luznicky-White
Caer Gelynniog, Canton of: Marie Betha (05/17) Mary Beth Keller
Yarnvid, College of: Lady Anna of Calais (11/16) Brenda Pomfrey
Isenfir, Shire of: Nicolosa d'Isenfir (10/17)
Marinus, Barony of: Baron ArnBjorn Bassi Dansson (04/18)
Ponte Alto, Barony of: Vadoma (12/17) Marlene Martineau
Stierbach, Barony of: Stephan Grimm (08/18) Scott Webb
Abhainn Iarthair, Incipient Canton of: Esa inghean Donnchaidh (04/16) Rachel Scott
Sudentorre, Canton of: Christina de Nedham (08/16) Jeanne Christine Zabel
Tir-y-Don, Barony of: Alyna of the Ilex (08/16) Holly Cunningham

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