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Comparative Balance / Income Statement
Atlantia/SCA Inc, ALL GROUPS
2016 Not Applicable Consolidated 2016 (SCA Inc) (PDF) Consolidated 2016 (SCA MD) (PDF)
2015 Not Applicable Consolidated 2015 (SCA Inc) (PDF) Consolidated 2015 (SCA MD) (PDF)
2014 Not Applicable Consolidated 2014 (SCA Inc) (PDF) Consolidated 2014 (SCA MD) (PDF)
2013 Not Applicable Consolidated 2013 (SCA Inc) (PDF) Consolidated 2013 (SCA MD) (PDF)
2012 Not Applicable Consolidated 2012 (SCA Inc) (PDF) Consolidated 2012 (SCA MD) (PDF)
2011 Not Applicable Consolidated 2011 (SCA Inc) (PDF) Consolidated 2011 (SCA MD) (PDF)
2010 Balance / Income 2010 (PDF) Consolidated 2010 (SCA Inc) (PDF) Consolidated 2010 (SCA MD) (PDF)
2009 Balance / Income 2009 (PDF) Consolidated 2009 (PDF)
2008 Balance / Income 2008 (PDF) Consolidated 2008 (PDF)
2007 Balance / Income 2007 (PDF) Consolidated 2007 (PDF)
2006 Balance / Income 2006 (PDF) Consolidated 2006 (PDF)
2005 Balance 2005 (HTML)
Income 2005 (HTML)
Consolidated 2005 (PDF)
2004 Balance 2004 (HTML)
Income 2004 (HTML)
Consolidated 2004 (PDF)
2003 Balance 2003 (HTML)
Income 2003 (HTML)
Consolidated 2003 (PDF)

The Following provides historic data on Kingdom events, from 2008 to 2014:

Summary of Kingdom Event data (PDF)

The Following provides historic data on Kingdom events, from 2004 to mid-2011:

Summary of Kingdom income and attendance by Event (PDF)
Number of Kingdom Events by State, (PDF)
Kingdom Income by event, sorted highest to lowest (PDF)
Event attendance by event, sorted highest to lowest (PDF)
Event attendance, by event Type (PDF)
Adult Entrance and Feast feast fees, by event (PDF)
Kindgom income and site cost, by event (PDF)

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